Northern Pass Documentaries & Personal Stories

The trees are watching . . .

Here are links to documentaries about the very controversial Northern Pass.

Please let me know if I’ve missed any. Please note that there is a new proposed underground section of the route through Grafton County (west part of Bethlehem down to Bridgewater) to reduce impacts to the White Mountain National Forest but all the documentaries are still relevant:

Power of Place (2015): and 2016 succinct update with the underground route:

Tracing the Pass (2015):

Impasse (2014):

Northern Trespass (2013):

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“My Roots are Deeper than your Pockets”

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New Hampshire isn’t alone

Here are some current Canadian controversies with Hydro-Quebec over objections to transmission line proposals:

Very much like what New Hampshire is experiencing. This documentary is in French but the footage tells the whole story. There’s some English toward the end at 24:00:

St. Adolphe Says No to Hydro-Quebec:

An article re: St. Adolphe, Hydro-Quebec won’t compromise:ébec-refuses-to-compromise-1.3206236

Another article regarding yet another controversy: West Island:

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Appalachian Mountain Club’s (AMC) series of visual impact videos. Please note that underground lines are now proposed for Grafton County, from Rte 302 in Bethlehem to middle of Bridgewater, around the White Mountain National Forest part of the pass.

A video of the current route of the proposed Northern Pass from Northern Pass website:

For an important article about impacts and visual simulations read: Visit these sites but given the source not sure how reliable it is. As the article above says, check data against what you’re familiar with: and/or click on the towns here for impacts:

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We’ve come a long way but we have more work to do. Save the forests, save the state and so much more! I’d rather not have the Northern Pass built at all, but full burial is preferred to overhead lines.

Sign the petition to bury or stop the Northern Pass here:

Write to Governor Hassan directly here:

Email your comment against the Northern Pass to Site Evaluation Committee Administrator:

Historical poster from a New Hampshire history book I read this summer. The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests


Tree photo with “eyes” was taken at Boulder Loop trail in New Hampshire

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