How I Stay Informed About the Northern Pass

Just the facts. No more “stories”! It’s hard to believe everything we read on the Northern Pass sponsored websites. But there are reliable sources out there.

Before I get to business, here are some images that I enjoyed finding while doing research:

March of the pylons. Or run for your lives! Reactions to high power transmission lines.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.04.01 PM 1
An opposition poster from the Saint Adolphe transmission line controversy in Canada

Hydro Quebec stop telling us your “stories”.

Another opposition poster from the Saint Adolphe controversy with Hydro-Quebec, similar to New Hampshire

Time to bury the lines. But NOT through New Hampshire towns, impacting homes and businesses. Respect the people. Respect the environment. Please use proper utility corridors.


Okay back to business . . . 

To learn more about the Northern Pass here are some resources that I can think of at the moment. Some have Facebook and Twitter accounts as well:

No To Northern Pass:

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests “Forest Society”

Conservation Law Foundation:

Appalachian Mountain Club:

U.S. DOE Northern Pass:


Twitter: search the hashtag #northernpass and you’ll find many helpful and current updates


Northern Pass website . . . You can see what is happening in each town here:


Legal defense fund:

For the continued protection of conservation land being threatened by Northern Pass:

Trees Not Towers Defense Fund:

One example is in Stewartstown, New Hampshire, the Northern Pass is proposing underground lines in an attempt to avert conservation easement restrictions on the land it needs to pass through to construct the rest of the high voltage transmission line. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

For an important article about impacts and visual simulations read: Visit these sites but given the source not sure how reliable it is. As the article above says, check data against what you’re familiar with: and/or click on the towns here for impacts:


Reach out!

Sign the PETITION to Bury or Stop the Northern Pass:

Email New Hampshire Governor Hassan directly:

Email your comment against the Northern Pass to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) Administrator, at:

For more information on the SEC process visit: The Northern Pass Site Evaluation Committee SEC docket at or read Forest Society’s Northern Pass Advocacy Issue.

~ * ~

And remember,

the “Northern Pass” is a clever deceptive name for

192 miles of

destructive, intrusive, unnecessary high voltage transmission lines

through the heart of New Hampshire

~ * ~


No matter the shape, I would still oppose the Northern Pass transmission line! Deer-shaped pylons concept:


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