We Have the Power to Change the Pass, the Northern Pass

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for

honesty and truth and

compassion against injustice and lying and greed.

If people all over the world . . . would do this,

it would change the earth.”

~ William Faulkner

~ * ~

The Diverse Beauty That Is New Hampshire . . .

New Hampshire trail treasures ~ Old Bridal Path, Franconia

We are so lucky to have all the untouched natural beauty that New Hampshire offers us.

All of us!

In the mountains, along river banks, on the lakes, at local restaurants and old-fashioned general stores I have met people from New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Canada and

people from farther states and from around the world who

visited New Hampshire

to see and experience New Hampshire’s

natural wealth,

scenic panoramas . . .

~ * ~

Every tree matters


Every view matters


Every creature matters

The dancing tiger swallow caterpillar we spotted along a trail off the New Zealand trail. New Hampshire

Every animal matters

Moose tracks of Sawyer Highway in North Woodstock, New Hampshire

All the wetlands matter

The people and their communities matter

Across the land, parallel to Route 3 in this area of Whitefield lies the hardly visible existing ROW  where the proposed “Northern Pass” would be constructed with overhead lines and highly visible steel pylons. 77 giant steel pylons are proposed for Concord alone.

~ * ~

The only fallen trees should be those which nature has brought down

Beavers work at Beaver Pond in Franconia, New Hampshire

~ * ~

New Hampshire is everyone’s back yard.

Where do you spend your time in New Hampshire?

How would the proposed Northern Pass,

high voltage transmission line, in New Hampshire affect you?

See the visual and physical impacts of the proposed Northern Pass on each New Hampshire community here: http://www.northernpass.us/towns.htm

Make your voice heard and tell “Northern Pass” to bury the lines or leave. I’d rather not see Hydro-Quebec enter New Hampshire at all, but if it has to be then I favor burying the lines all the way.


Ways to let your voice be heard:

~Email your comment against the Northern Pass to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) Administrator, Pamela G. Monroe, at: Pamela.Monroe@sec.nh.gov

For information on the SEC process visit: The Northern Pass Site Evaluation Committee SEC docket at http://www.nhsec.nh.gov/projects/2015-06/2015-06.htm or Forest Society’s Northern Pass Advocacy Issue: https://www.forestsociety.org/advocacy-issue/northern-pass.

~Sign the PETITION to Bury or Stop the Northern Pass here (I’d rather not have Hydro-Quebec enter New Hampshire but if it must be then I advocate full burial along interstate or utility corridors not through small towns): http://www.conservationmediagroup.org/bury-or-stop-northern-pass-petition

~Write to New Hampshire Governor Hassan directly: http://governor.nh.go


Video: the video clip of courting frogs in springtime was taken at a wetlands area along Sawyer Highway, Rte 118, North Woodstock, New Hampshire

Info: For more background and details about the proposed Northern Pass for New Hampshire see “How I Stay Informed about the Northern Pass” post or google it, there’s a lot out there.

Feature photo: Scotland highland steer from a farm in Franconia, New Hampshire, where underground transmission lines are proposed.



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