Sign This Petition Because . . .

The Conservation Media Group Petition to Bury or Stop the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line proposal for New Hampshire is still going strong after its intended deadline back in 2014!

But the original signatures needed for the event Governor Hassan was hosting* in July 2014 have already been presented to her. To present the Governor with the new signatures that have been added after that event, the Petition needs to reach a critical amount of around 10,000 signatures. So please spread the word and share with those who have concerns about, oppose, or want the Northern Pass lines buried but haven’t had the opportunity to make their voices heard:

Sign the PETITION here:

Petition supporters: At this writing the Petition has 8,733 signatures, exceeding the original goal by 2,733.

I would rather see the Northern Pass not happen at all. But if it has to be then burying it, and burying it ALL along interstate or utility corridors not in small towns, is preferable to overhead lines.

Did you know that those ugly giant steel towers and black high voltage transmission lines that do make noise (as revealed in a public hearing) which increases on humid days?

Did you know that Northern Pass is proposing to construct 77 of those giant steel towers in Concord, New Hampshire, alone?

Hydro-Quebec is the 4th largest hydropower producer (and growing) in the world and Eversource is the largest electric utility in the northeast. I think they can afford to bury all the lines.

“Citizens Unite Say No It’s About Freedom” Northern Pass opposition sign captured on Route 3 in Coos County 3/2016

How high are these steel giants? Graphic of Northern Pass steel pylon height relative to existing power line poles and tree canopy:

After doing your own research on this highly controversial matter, you can choose to include your thoughts in a comment when you sign the petition.

For more information on the Northern Pass, visit:

Forest Society

No To Northern Pass:

Conservation Law Foundation:

U.S. DOE Northern Pass:

“Northern Pass Don’t Destroy the Scenic View!” opposition sign in Coos County, 3/2016

Other ways to REACH OUT:

Write to New Hampshire Governor Hassan directly here:

Email your comment to Site Evaluation Committee Administrator:

“Northern Pass Bury All Of It!” sign at Plymouth, New Hampshire, SEC hearing 3/2016

Feature photo credit: copied from google images.

*The New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Event:


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