The Window of Hydropower

This is what Hydro-Quebec and Eversource want us to see in New Hampshire:

Less pleasing, carbon dioxide absorbing trees and

more labyrinthine, impenetrable steel.


Industrial scourge.

Incongruous pylons.

Old pylons at the Cumberland Monastery Preserve

Archaic technology.



Hydro-Quebec, Eversource, New Hampshire SEC, and DOE are you listening?

We don’t want to see miles upon miles of steel spires above our tree canopy or in our neighborhoods.

We don’t need this energy (but you already know that).

We want to see this:

Church in Franconia, New Hampshire

And this:

Barn silo, Franconia, New Hampshire

Gentle and congruous spires.

Spires in harmony with

New England traditions,




~ * ~

The “Northern Pass” won’t be as “benign” as the name sounds or as “gentle” as the above pylons. The above photos show an old transmission line that traverses a nature park in Rhode Island that doesn’t carry the amount of HV/DC power that Northern Pass will deliver.  The proposed Northern Pass will bring 1090 megawatts, extend 192 miles through 31 towns in New Hampshire (60 miles underground but through small historic towns and conservation land in Stewartstown – illegal?) and will be a clearly visible swarth throughout the forests and above the tree canopy. It will scar the landscape, mar viewscapes, destroy habitats and wetlands, displace wildlife, severely impact abutting landowners, home values and small businesses, plus more.

~ * ~

New Hampshire is everyone’s backyard . . .

For more information on the Northern Pass and how to voice your concerns visit:

And follow these organizations on Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates to current related news stories.

~ * ~

Transmission lines are a burgeoning threat in more and more towns throughout New England. See for example the Protect Sudbury Trees Not Towers Campaign against Eversource:


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