Hands Around the State House Rally

Here are photos from the Northern Pass protest rally today at the State House in Concord, New Hampshire:

First sighting of the Balloon of Truth from I93 at 135′ high, representing the height of some Northern Pass towers, some will be higher
Balloon sighting from Center Street, Concord, NH, on my walk to the State House
Balloon sighting above roof top


The speaker brought up the subject of SB 128 and the importance of defeating it. She urged us to write to our representative, senators, and also government personnel in science and technology but I can’t remember who. When I get that information I’ll write an update. However, you may be able to find it in the local papers, as well as information regarding SB 128, or from local groups such as Protect the Granite State, The Forest Society, No To Northern Pass, Bury Northern Pass . . .
Making our way around the State House
Passing out the orange extension cord to connect everyone holding hands around the State House
Leaving the Northern Pass protest rally


Take Action!

Please write to Governor Sununu, your representative, senators, and Pamela Monroe, Administrator of the SEC (Site Evaluation Committee at Pamela.Monroe@sec.nh.gov) and let them know you oppose Northern Pass!

Packing up the Balloon of Truth

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