About PTNP ~ Why This Journal

Since I have many concerns and think about the Northern Pass daily and there aren’t enough hearings or people to share my thoughts with, I thought I’d start a journal here.

I have also found that many people and friends who do not live in New Hampshire but love to vacation there or visit for the many outdoor activities it offers: hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, snowshoeing, an so on, aren’t aware of the proposed Northern Pass or aren’t aware of the implications the it would have for New Hampshire.

Hopefully, this journal will a bring awareness to a broader group of people who I know love New Hampshire as much as I do.

Do you know that the “Northern Pass” is a proposal to build a 192 mile transmission line to transport 1,090 megawatts of energy from Hydo-Quebec to Deerfield, New Hampshire?

If approved, the Northern Pass would travel down through the heart of New Hampshire, critically impacting 31 towns and scarring miles and miles of scenic views.

77 giant steel support pylons are proposed for Concord, New Hampshire, alone!

Along with those 192 miles of high voltage highly visible transmission lines comes low level noise. Yes, that’s correct. It was revealed at a recent hearing and the noise increases on humid days.

This hydropower energy, dubiously touted as “clean” energy (and with the massive amount of environmental destruction certainly not green), is for southern New England states and not for the energy needs of New Hampshire. When an Eversource representative was asked at a recent public hearing in Plymouth for Grafton County how much of the energy New Hampshire will get, he said, “technically all of it . . .” after some muffled sneers he clarified. . . “in reality about 2%”.

Hydro-Quebec is the 4th largest producer of hydro electricity in the world and Eversource is the largest electric utility in the Northeast and they can’t afford to bury the lines?


Above is the proposed Northern Pass route (taken from the Northern Pass website), an opposition sign I saw in Easton (one of many throughout the state), and the southern view of the existing power lines that can hardly be seen below the trees from Indian Head trail. The massive steel towers needed to support the Northern Pass high-voltage transmission lines could be up to two times the height of the trees. With the new changes to the route, underground lines are now proposed for this area in Grafton County and a small area in Coos County (see yellow lines) but overhead transmission lines are still proposed for Coos county and several counties south of Plymouth (see the blue lines).

To see where the proposed Northern Pass route is going in your town or a New Hampshire town where you enjoy visiting for recreation visit (but given the source visual impacts may not be reliable): http://www.northernpass.us/towns.htm



Conservation Law Foundation: Potential environmental and economic impacts from the proposed Northern Pass high power transmission line project: http://www.clf.org/northern-pass/potential-impacts/

For an important article about reliable impact and visual simulations read: http://www.notonorthernpass.com/2016/03/30/dont-take-information-face-value-research-np/. Visit these sites but given the source not sure how reliable it is. As the article above says, check data against what you’re familiar with: http://www.northernpasseis.us/library/draft-eis/visual-impact-assessment/ and/or click on the towns here for impacts: http://www.northernpass.us/towns.htm.



Ways to let your voice be heard or forever see towers:

~Send your public comment against the Northern Pass to:

New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee
Pamela G. Monroe, Administrator
E-mail: Pamela.Monroe@sec.nh.gov

For information regarding the SEC process visit: The Northern Pass Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) docket at http://www.nhsec.nh.gov/projects/2015-06/2015-06.htm

~Sign the PETITION to bury or stop the Northern Pass here (I’d rather not have Hydro-Quebec enter New Hampshire but if it must be then I advocate full burial along interstate or utility corridors not through small towns): http://www.conservationmediagroup.org/bury-or-stop-northern-pass-petition

~Write to New Hampshire Governor Hassan directly: http://governor.nh.gov

Learn more about the Northern Pass:

Forest Society: https://www.forestsociety.org/%5CNPSEC

No To Northern Pass: http://www.notonorthernpass.com. For frequent updates, follow No To Northern Pass on Facebook and Twitter.

Conservation Law Foundation: http://www.clf.org/making-an-impact/stopping-northern-pass/

U.S. DOE Northern Pass (beware this is a Northern Pass sponsored site): http://northernpasseis.us

~ * ~

About me:  I don’t have a technical background in utilities or the energy industry and am learning as I go along. I’m not a political person and I don’t like to write so this journal doesn’t come easy. I’m out of my comfort zone for sure but we own property in New Hampshire, have spent many years with our children enjoying the natural wealth New Hampshire offers and I feel it is important to reach out.

Photos: all photos are mine unless otherwise noted. If you’d like to use them me at http://www.passingthoughtsnp@gmail.com Thank you, Linda

Typos: sorry about the typos, grammar . . . It’s a work in progress 🙂


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