My Three Minutes ~ Testimony Before the SEC in Plymouth, NH

Here is a copy of my second testimony before the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee for the Northern Pass at the Plymouth hearing. Speakers were given a three minute limit so I did have to omit some words/sentences that night but I retained them here for full impact. Imagine, we just have three minutes for a … More My Three Minutes ~ Testimony Before the SEC in Plymouth, NH

About This Journal

Back when the forests were being clearcut for logging and again today with the 192 mile transmission line proposal we are fighting to save the forests, and much more, of New Hampshire. “Passing Thoughts” is a place to share personal thoughts about the controversial proposed “Northern Pass”, a 192 mile transmission line of 1,090 megawatts … More About This Journal

What’s In A Name?

I think about the name, “Northern Pass”, often. It sounds so cordial. It sounds like the innocuous name of a hiking trail, or ski trail for that matter, no? Well it’s not that benign. In fact, it’s not benign at all. The “Northern Pass” is a clever name for a proposed intrusive hydropower energy project that … More What’s In A Name?